Reading in Europe - Challenge and Case Studies of READ-IT Project

Vignale, François; Benatti, Francesca and Antonini, Alessio (2019). Reading in Europe - Challenge and Case Studies of READ-IT Project. In: Digital Humanities Conference 2019, 9-12 Jul 2019, Utrecht, Netherland.


This paper aims to present the READ-IT project and the first set of case studies collected by DH and HSS researchers. Use-cases are key in the project’s strategy as they are essentials both to the definition and the validation of READ-IT data model and framework. The case studies include different sources, such as social media, students’ diaries and letters, from the 18th up to today, in Czech, French, German, Italian and Dutch. Each of them is supported by a specific dataset and a specific research question. In this context, this original validation process must be able to demonstrate the relevance, robustness and ability of both the general concept and the data model to process a wide variety of sources. Then, this model should be transferable to other DH projects where the experiential dimension is present.

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