Introduction to Psychology: Vol 1

Roth, Ilona ed. (1990). Introduction to Psychology: Vol 1. London: Psychology Press.


This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the issues, theories and methods of psychology, including both classic approaches and recent research. The areas covered range from the intellectual, social and emotional development of the child to the ways in which adults perceive, attend, remember and communicate; from Freud's psychoanalytic framework to the work of present day psychologists; from debates about the scientific status of psychology to the special problems which the study of people poses for psychologists. Each chapter presents important issues in depth, highlighting controversies while showing that they rarely have neat solutions. Throughout, emphasis is given to the contrasting levels of analysis which contribute to the understanding of psychological functioning, from fundamental biological processes to complex social interactions. The text is divided into eight sections comprising eighteen chapters. Each section includes a brief introduction and conclusion.

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