Fairness in knowing: How should we engage with the sciences?

Holliman, Richard (2019). Fairness in knowing: How should we engage with the sciences? The Open University, Milton Keynes.

URL: https://youtu.be/yL5IyFT6ZC4


When the Open University was founded in 1969, it established a mission for social justice that informs everything we do; to be open to people, places, methods and ideas.

Since that time, the ways that we realise our mission has continued to change. We now talk of open and engaged research, involving stakeholders, end-users and members of the public over any or all stages of a research process.

Engaged research sits at the boundary of theory and practice, of academia and wider society, at the sites where knowledge, professional practice and experiences are co-produced and exchanged.

In this inaugural lecture, I address normative, substantive and instrumental motivations for how we should continue to engage across sub-cultural boundaries with science and technology. I explore how ideas about communication and engagement in the UK are changing and argue that engagement with science and technology should have a moral imperative, to act as a route to promoting epistemic justice, or ‘fairness in knowing’.

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