Reading communities and books in common

Cremin, Teresa (2018). Reading communities and books in common. NAAE.



Are you seeking to build a vibrant community of readers within and beyond your classroom? If so, how will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? What are the key characteristics of such communities- can these be seen, heard, felt, experienced? What strategies and practices will help you succeed? Is there a fail-safe route? A motorway between research and practice?

With reading for pleasure (RfP) now mandated it is worth exploring these questions, in part as this should help us reflect on reading itself and our goals and intentions. Will the expected standard suffice or are you stretching for greater depth? Are you seeking to create lifelong readers who can and do choose to read for their own pleasures and multiple purposes in their lives, and . In exploring this issue Indeed, why do so many of us spend precious time and effort seeking to develop reading communities?

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