When is Direct Combination Useful?

Holland, Simon (2004). When is Direct Combination Useful? The Open University.

URL: http://mcl.open.ac.uk/DC/uploads/When%20is%20Direc...


When is Direct Combination useful? It would be valuable to be able to broadly characterise situations and domains in which DC is likely to be useful and those in which it is not. The question is open to empirical investigation, but pending such investigations, in this paper we apply theoretical arguments to seek preliminary insights. All of the arguments in this paper are of an a priori nature. They may offer a useful source of heuristic guidance to builders of prototype DC systems. The strategy of the paper is to seek to characterise domans and situations in which Direct Combination can usefully reduce search for users. and to try to identify the trade-offs involved in such reductions of search. We begin with some fairly straightforward observations

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