D3.6 - An interdisciplinary framework for comparisons and cross-fertilization strategies of MAZI pilots (version2)

Unteidig, Andreas; Antoniadis, Panayotis; Apostol, Ileana; Gaved, Mark; Davies, Gareth; Niavis, Harris; Maglavera, Stavroula; Stevens, James; Calderon-Lünig, Elizabeth and Heilgemeir, Anna (2017). D3.6 - An interdisciplinary framework for comparisons and cross-fertilization strategies of MAZI pilots (version2). The MAZI Consortium.

URL: http://www.mazizone.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/...


[Executive summary]

The 1st version of this deliverable focused on framing and carrying out exercises of self-reflection across all MAZI pilots, which aimed to gather comparable knowledge of the respective partner‘s visions and anticipation of the pilot activities. This allowed us to draw comparisons that proved valuable as a starting point for the cross-fertilisation events, in which multiple partners met with the goal to work on the interdisciplinary aspects of MAZI as a project.

In this second version, we make one step further toward four directions:

a) we analyze the material included in D3.2 and D3.5 in light of further developments and interactions toward comparing the individual perspectives of partners on key concepts such as DIY networking, as well as the different pilot studies;

b) we describe and analyse the cross-fertilization events that took place during the first year and the initial lessons learned from the pilots;

c) we try to capture the similarities and differences between the disciplinary perspectives of the academic partners; and

d) we identify important tensions between research and action as they have manifested during the crossfertilization events of the first year.

Based on this material, we propose certain enhancements of our interdisciplinary framework, i.e., the deconstruction of the pilot studies into their core elements, the placement of MAZI toolkit as a boundary object between different subsets of actors in MAZI, and two self-reflection exercises to be carried out in the following months and to be documented in the Deliverable D3.11.

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