PoPSAT (Polar Precipitation SATellite)

Morland, Zoe; Bentel, Katrin; Binder, Matthias; Birkeland, Even; Guilloteau, Clement; Kalinauskaite, Eimante; Kiefer, Joshua; Lopez, Ana Lola; Mione, Michele; Palla, Marco; Roth, Georg; Strobl, Robert; Tanis, Cemal; Tomici, Maja and Pellet, Victor (2016). PoPSAT (Polar Precipitation SATellite). Summer School Alpbach.

URL: https://www.summerschoolalpbach.at/docs/2016/prese...


The terrestrial water cycle is a unique system on planet Earth. It is directly influenced by our changing climate with most drastic effects in the polar regions. A main element of the water cycle is precipitation, and it is only very sparsely observed at high latitudes. We propose a new satellite mission, POPSat, to observe snow and light rain at high latitudes, as well as snowfall at mid latitudes. The satellite will be equipped with a dual band (Ka and W bands) phased array antenna radar and provide 3D information about precipitation and clouds. The horizontal resolution of 2 km will exceed all other observations, and the measurements at high latitudes, together with the capability to monitor snowfall, will complement the GPM mission’s observations. By filling this gap, POPSat will provide essential data for improving global weather and climate models.

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