An aptamer-based fluorescent biosensor for insulin detection.

Psoma, Sotiria (2019). An aptamer-based fluorescent biosensor for insulin detection. In: Proceedings of the 2nd European Biosensor Symposium 2019, 18-21 Feb 2019, Florence, Italy, p. 220.



Biosensors for the specific, sensitive and rapid detection of analytes play an important role in healthcare diagnostics, biochemical applications, food safety, and environmental monitoring. Although several sensing concepts and devices have been developed, many longstanding challenges associated with establishing low-cost, easy-to-use, specificity, miniaturisation and reliable biosensor platforms remain largely unmet. Aptamers are singlestranded nucleic acids that have high affinity and specificity towards a wide range of target molecules. Aptamers offer exciting possibilities for enhancing sensitivity, lowering detection limits and improving stability of biosensor applications. In this paper, a 30-mer DNA hairpin aptamer with a G-quartet structure and specific for detecting insulin is described. Presence of insulin causes changes of aptamer fluorescence and upon excitation at FAM absorption band (492 nm) in the physiological buffer, fluorescence maximum was observed at 516 nm. Advantages of this biosensor were high affinity and selectivity of aptamer toward its target and unique properties including high stability and sensitivity. The limit of detection was 10 nm of insulin. This approach is simple and enables insulin to be detected rapidly and costeffectively. Assay parameters are discussed, advantages and drawbacks are reviewed, and future immobilisation techniques are outlined.

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