Towards a global model of the martian atmosphere

Angelats i Coll, M.; Forget, F.; Hourdin, F.; Wanherdrick, Y.; López-Valverde, M.A.; González-Galindo, F.; Read, P.L. and Lewis, S.R. (2003). Towards a global model of the martian atmosphere. In: First International Workshop on Mars atmosphere modelling and observations, 13-15 Jan 2003, Granada, Spain.



In an effort to continuously improve the capabilities of the Martian atmospheric predictions at LMD, the GCM has been extended into thermospheric heights thus creating the first model to self-consistently couple the lower and upper regions of the Martian atmosphere. The behaviour of the Martian thermosphere is strongly influenced by lower atmospheric processes and has complex dynamics.
Such a fully coupled model will certainly aid in the preparation of future missions and on the analysis of future high altitude data, as well as serve as a base for the simulation of ionospheric processes, escape, etc.

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