Two shrubby Madagascan kalanchoes

Walker, Colin C. (2019). Two shrubby Madagascan kalanchoes. New Zealand Cactus & Succulent Journal, 72(1) pp. 5–9.


Kalanchoe is a diverse genus of the Crassulaceae with at least 150 species. Madagascar is a centre of diversity with 60 species. Two large, shrubby Madagascan species are described and illustrated here. Kalanchoe beharensis (from Behara) forms a shrub up to 3 m tall, produces large leaves with a soft hairy (tomentose) covering. Kalanchoe arborescens is a giant of the genus with stems up to 5 m tall, hence its name meaning 'tree-like' is very appropriate. It grows in dry bush in the extreme south of Madagascar where it is relatively rare. In cultivation both species are slow-growing with K. beharensis being common whereas K. arborescens is rare.

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