Cyber Security Concerns in E-Learning Education

Bandara, I.; Ioras, F. and Maher, K. (2014). Cyber Security Concerns in E-Learning Education. In: Proceedings of ICERI2014 Conference, IATED, 0728-0734.



The growing use of eLearning systems has been documented by numerous studies and with enormous growth; however, little attention has been given to the issue of security of eLearning systems both in research and education. Because eLearning systems are open, distributed and interconnected, then security becomes an impotent challenge in order to insure that interested actors only have access to the right information at the appropriate time and this paper proposes a number of recommendations for Higher Education.

In this paper, the authors conducted a review of cyber security measure and the application of cyber security metric to eLearning systems. Security of eLearning systems has a unique challenge as numerous systems are accessed and managed via the Internet by thousands of users over hundreds of networks.

An in-depth analysis of security challenges that can be relevant for distributed eLearning systems is discussed. This paper concludes that internal cyber-attack as well as lack of proper IT policies and procedures in E-learning systems needs to be addressed by eLearning architecture and cyber security measures in Higher Education.

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