Thetis: the goddess between four worlds

Yamagata, Naoko (2020). Thetis: the goddess between four worlds. In: Christopoulos, M. and Païzi-Apostolopoulou, M. eds. The Upper and the Under World in Homeric and Archaic Epic: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on the Odyssey, Ithaca, August 25-29, 2017. Ithaca, Greece: Centre for Odyssean Studies, pp. 11–30.


Thetis is a goddess whose activities take her across four domains of the Homeric universe, namely heaven (Mt. Olympus), the earth, the underworld and the sea, which is her native home. By observing how Thetis crosses the boundaries between heaven, the earth, the sea and the underworld by herself and through her son and his fate, this paper aims to deepen our understanding of Homeric theology and cosmology. It also compares her movements between the four worlds with those of other principal deities, to illustrate her uniqueness in the Homeric pantheon and the uniqueness of the tale of Achilles.

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