The Sedimentary record of sea-level change

Coe, Angela L.; Bosence, Dam W.J.; Church, Kevin D.; Flint, Stephen S.; Howell, John A. and Wilson, R. Chris L. (2003). The Sedimentary record of sea-level change. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press and the Open University.



A textbook describing how past changes in sea-level can be detected through the analysis of the sedimentary record. In particular, it concentrates on the theory of sequence stratigraphy, which provides a framework for how entire sedimentary systems evolve through geological time. Sequence stratigraphy is a model for dividing the sedimentary record into discrete, sedimentary packages on a range of length- and time-scales, where each package represents a cyclic change in sea-level and/or sediment supply. This techniques is widely used to understand the genesis of the sedimentary record, to examine the global synchronicicty of sedimentary cycels and in the exploration for hydrocarbon reserves.

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