Decolonising Education: A Pedagogic Intervention

Dennis, Carol Azumah (2018). Decolonising Education: A Pedagogic Intervention. In: Bhambra, Gurminder K.; Nişancioğlu, Kerem and Gebrial, Dalia eds. Decolonising the University. Pluto Press, pp. 190–207.


In this chapter I explore what it might mean to decolonize education. My exploration starts, however, with a reflexive examination of the position from which to speak about this subject. In most instances, I prefer to speak from rather than about a preferred stance, inviting the reader to offer me the respectful anonymity preserved for the unmarked scholar. However, with decolonization it soon becomes clear that my attempt to occupy this space is not an active yearning. It is a defiant refusal of refusal. I am, on reflection, more at home when associated with the undercommons. And it is from this position that I speak directly about decolonizing education. From this workable position, my discussion draws on three broad decolonizing approaches.

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