“An exquisite machine”: Olaus Henrici’s harmonic analyser

Barrow-Green, June (2017). “An exquisite machine”: Olaus Henrici’s harmonic analyser. In: Mathematical Instruments between Material Artifacts and Ideal Machines: Their Scientific and Social Role before 1950. Oberwolfach Reports, 14(4) pp. 3506–3510.

URL: http://www.ems-ph.org/journals/show_abstract.php?i...


On 2 May 1894 Olaus Henrici, Professor of Mechanics and Mathematics at the Central Technical College, South Kensington, exhibited a harmonic analyser at the Royal Society’s conversazione. It was the culmination of work begun several years earlier at University College London, prompted by an idea of his friend and fellow professor, William Kingdon Clifford. In this talk I shall describe the development of Henrici’s analyser—from the point of view of both man and machine—and look at some of the ways in which it was used.

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