Evaluation methodologies in Automatic Question Generation 2013-2018

Amidei, Jacopo; Piwek, Paul and Willis, Alistair (2018). Evaluation methodologies in Automatic Question Generation 2013-2018. In: Proceedings of The 11th International Natural Language Generation Conference, 5-8 Nov 2018, Tilburg, The Netherlands, pp. 307–317.


In the last few years Automatic Question Generation (AQG) has attracted increasing interest. In this paper we survey the evaluation methodologies used in AQG. Based on a sample of 37 papers, our research shows that the systems’ development has not been accompanied by similar developments in the methodologies used for the systems’ evaluation. Indeed, in the papers we examine here, we find a wide variety of both intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation methodologies. Such diverse evaluation practices make it difficult to reliably compare the quality of different generation systems. Our study suggests that, given the rapidly increasing level of research in the area, a common framework is urgently needed to compare the performance of AQG systems and NLG systems more generally.

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