Tin doping of alpha-Cr2O3 and alpha-(FeCr)(2)O-3

Berry, Frank J.; Helgason, Orn; Moyo, Thomas and Ren, Xiaolin (2005). Tin doping of alpha-Cr2O3 and alpha-(FeCr)(2)O-3. Materials Letters, 59(26) pp. 3241–3245.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matlet.2005.05.051


Tin-doped oxides of the type alpha-Cr2O3 and alpha-(FeCr)(2)O-3 have been prepared. Tin K-edge EXAFS indicates tin to be octahedrally coordinated in all materials. Sn-119 and Fe-57 Mossbauer spectra recorded from the corundum-related ca. 7% tin-doped alpha-Cr2O3 and alpha-Fe1.1Cr0.9O3 phases show the presence of magnetic order from ca. 20 to ca. 220 K in the case of alpha-Cr2O3 and to 295 K in the case of alpha-Fe1.1Cr0.9O3. The Sn-119 Mossbauer spectra demonstrate weaker superexchange interactions between Sn4+ and Cr3+ as compared to those between Sn4+ and Fe3+.

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