Open Educational Practices in Australia

Bossu, Carina (2016). Open Educational Practices in Australia. In: Miao, Fengchun; Mishra, Sanjaya and McGreal, Rory eds. Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation. Canada: UNESCO, pp. 13–25.



This case study presents the extent of transformation that Open Educational Practices (OEP) have brought to higher education in Australia. In the early stages of the transformation, open access policies, funding, support and infrastructure were introduced by the national government. Initiatives that uncovered the transformative potential of OEP were then undertaken. The scope of transformation of OEP in Australia has since expanded, influencing and impacting institutions in several aspects, leading the sector to a better position worldwide. However, many challenges still remain. Restrictive copyright regimes and a lack of national and institutional policies and funding are among the barriers faced by OEP in Australia. If these barriers are removed and policy enablers are further developed, the higher education sector in Australia could fully benefit from the transformative potential of OEP.

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