Brittania, Germania, Italia: Taste and travel in the 19th Century

Richardson, Carol and Smith, Graham eds. (2001). Brittania, Germania, Italia: Taste and travel in the 19th Century. Occasional papers (1). Edinburgh, UK: VARIE, pp. 125–142.


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This book covers the following topics, 'Rambles in Rome': some 19th-century travellers & photographers Andrew; Intimacy & immediacy: James Hall’s journals in Italy and Germany 1821-22; Lady Callcott’s honeymoon, 1827-8: Art-historical reflections in Germany and Italy; European paintings acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert & their travels; Italia, Germania & the revival of British decorative art; The Königliche Glasmalereianstalt & the reglazing of Glasgow Cathedral; Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino; 'Glorious hopes and designs': the Pugins in Rome; Lord Lindsay: the making of a collector; Mornings in Florence: Mr Ruskin's 'amusing little books'; Vernon Lee: England, Italy & identity politics.

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