New teachers and corporal punishment in Ghana

Buckler, Alison S. (2018). New teachers and corporal punishment in Ghana. In: Safford, Kimberly and Chamberlain, Liz eds. Learning and Teaching Around the World: Comparative Studies in Primary Education. London: Routledge.



School-based corporal punishment is still legal in 76 countries (SRSG 2012). A large-scale survey of children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam reported that 50–90% of children had witnessed a teacher administering physical punishment in the week prior to the survey (Ogando Portela and Pells 2015). While others have highlighted that some teachers, parents and even children believe that corporal punishment is linked to improved learning (Parkes and Heslop 2011; Morrow and Singh, 2014), Ogando Portela and Pells’ longitudinal research found that corporal punishment at age 8 is associated with poorer learning outcomes at age 12 (see also UNICEF 2014).

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