Developing Signalong Indonesia: issues of politics, pedagogy and perceptions

Budiyanto and Sheehy, Kieron (2019). Developing Signalong Indonesia: issues of politics, pedagogy and perceptions. In: Grove, Nicola and Launonen, Kaisa eds. Manual Sign Acquisition by Children with Developmental Disabilities. Nova Science.



This chapter discusses the development of a key word signing system, Signalong Indonesia, which was created to support inclusive classrooms in Indonesia. The Indonesian education system is introduced. Against this backdrop, the rationale for creating an Indonesian key word signing system is explained. The difficult decisions that needed to be made regarding the methodology of the model, its choice of signs and pedagogy are detailed. In order to develop and implement this approach in Indonesian schools it was, and continues to be, necessary to carry out research into a range of social and educational factors, which act as facilitators or barriers to the use of Signalong Indonesia. The aim of the chapter is to provide an account of the processes, research and decisions that developed Signalong Indonesia. It is hoped that this will provide helpful insights for those seeking to create a key word signing approach in other countries and also contribute to international research evidence on keyword signing for children with developmental disabilities.

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