Excellence in e-learning: the key challenges for universities

Kear, Karen and Rosewell, Jonathan (2018). Excellence in e-learning: the key challenges for universities. The Envisioning Report for Empowering Universities 2; European Association of Distance Teaching Universities, Maastricht.

URL: https://empower.eadtu.eu/images/report/The_Envisio...


The E-xcellence methodology (excellencelabel.eadtu.eu) facilitates higher education institutions in reviewing the quality of their e-learning offerings, supported by benchmarks, guiding resources and external assessors.

An analysis of E-xcellence reviews at nineteen higher education institutions was undertaken, in order to identify the most challenging aspects of e-learning provision for the institutions. The analysis revealed the E-xcellence benchmarks that were considered the most problematic in self-assessments, or which attracted the most planned actions for improvement.

This profiling exercise indicated that the main challenges were:
• developing e-learning strategy
• building online academic communities for students
• managing staff workload.

There was also a strong focus on increasing the interactivity of learning materials. In contrast, the provision of reliable IT systems and hardware was unproblematic.

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