Warm-Up Habits of Highly-Skilled Golfers Prior to Practice and Tournament Conditions

Wells, Jack and Langdown, Ben (2018). Warm-Up Habits of Highly-Skilled Golfers Prior to Practice and Tournament Conditions. In: World Scientific Congress of Golf 2018, 11-13 Jul 2018, Abbottsford, BC, Canada.

URL: http://golfscience.org/wscg-2018/


Biomechanics and Physiology Purpose Extensive research has highlighted that the incorporation of a warm-up can significantly improve clubhead speed (Moran et al., 2009; Fradkin et al., 2004), ball speed (Moran et al., 2009), swing path (Moran et al., 2009), and centeredness of strike (Tilley & Macfarlane, 2012; Moran et al., 2009). Research conducted by Fradkin et al., (2003) surveyed 1040 amateur golfers based on their attitudes towards pre-performance preparation, with 70% of the golfers indicating they never or seldom warm-up. With only 5.8% of their sample holding a handicap between 0-10, it indicates that the sample predominantly consisted of lower-skilled golfers. Whilst this provides some indication as to the pre-performance preparation habits of golfers, there is no evidence to date that has sought to establish the warm-up habits of highly-skilled golfers across both practice and tournament conditions. Using an observational study, Bridge et al., (2008) evidenced that Ladies European Tour golfers (n=25) performed a mixture of static and dynamic stretches which ranged from 27-29 seconds over consecutive tournament days. Whilst this provides evidence of the 'observed' warm-up practices of elite golfers prior to tournament rounds (TR), there is a paucity of evidence surrounding warm-up habits prior to driving range practice sessions (RS) and practice rounds (PR). The aim of this current study was to analyse the warm-up habits of highly-skilled golfers prior to 3 practice / tournament conditions ([RS], [PR] and [TR]).

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