Role of activity monitors in adopting an active and healthy lifestyle

Minocha, Shailey (2018). Role of activity monitors in adopting an active and healthy lifestyle. In: Behaviour change interventions to address sedentarism in different communities, GET A MOVE ON Leveraging Technology to enable mobility and transform health, 20 Feb 2018, Institute of Digital Health, UCL, London.



In this keynote, Shailey presented the results of a two-year research programme in which she and her colleagues have been investigating the role of activity monitors in active and healthy ageing of people aged over 55 years, and in self-monitoring of health and wellbeing of both carers and people being cared for. Activity monitoring technologies such as those from Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung help to track activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Shailey discussed how these technologies can bring about positive behavioural changes towards active lifestyles: how they help towards keeping fit, as a preventative measure towards medical conditions, and in monitoring health and mobility when suffering from a medical condition, during both prehabilitation and rehabilitation.

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