Mapping responsible learning analytics: a critical proposal

Prinsloo, Paul and Slade, Sharon (2018). Mapping responsible learning analytics: a critical proposal. In: Khan, Badrul H.; Corbeil, Joseph Rene and Corbeil, Maria Elena eds. Responsible Analytics & Data Mining in Education: Global Perspectives on Quality, Support, and Decision-Making. Routledge.



In this chapter, we examine the notion of responsible learning analytics. Such an approach requires institutions to take an answerable and response-able approach to using student data. Learning analytics, like all educational technology, is shaped by a range of social, political, economic and cultural agendas. As such, this chapter argues that ethical and responsible learning analytics is central to a consideration of each of the eight dimensions of Khan’s e-learning framework (Khan, 2010). The chapter concludes by suggesting a number of pointers for higher education institutions to ensure the adoption of a responsible and responsive approach to learning analytics.

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