Commedia dell’arte related glass: early modern Venice

Katritzky, M. A. (2018). Commedia dell’arte related glass: early modern Venice. In: Ferrone, S. ed. Commedia dell’arte . Nuova Serie, Volume 1. Polistampa, pp. 11–31.


Drawing on sixteenth and seventeenth century texts and images, this article for the first time brings together three distinct types of commedia dell’arte related glass. It examines enamelled glassware decorated with masked Zanni and old masters, connects the enamelled decoration of certain Germanic three-pot glasses (‘Stangengläser’) to Italian stage lovers, and assesses known and newly identified lampwork glass figures of the masked, morra-playing commedia dell’arte military captain (Capitano). Rather than offering any kind of direct insight into stage practice, such glassware draws on a complex mix of influences from the commedia dell’arte, carnival costume, and longstanding iconographic, textual and festival traditions.

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