Development of a distributed knowledge-based system

Wong, K.C.P.; Nolle, L. and Hopgood, A.A. (2001). Development of a distributed knowledge-based system. In: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2001, 25-28 Jun 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, pp. 1219–1224.


This paper describes the development of a distributed knowledge-based system. A software system, namely Distributed Algorithmic and Rule-based Blackboard System (DARBS), was developed from its predecessor ARBS, which lacked the distributed computing feature. ARBS has been used in solving a number of engineering problems [1-3]. DARBS now utilises client/server technology. It consists of a centralised database server, called the 'Blackboard' and a number of Knowledge Source Clients (experts). It distributes the workload to a number of clients which are rule-based or other AI systems with specific knowledge in various areas. DARBS is being applied to automatic interpretation of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) data and control of plasma deposition processes.

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