D3.9 Comparative evaluation of the MAZI pilots (version 2)

Davies, Gareth; Gaved, Mark; McAndrew, Patrick; Jones, Ann; Scanlon, Eileen; Hausel, Katalin and Apostol, Ileana (2018). D3.9 Comparative evaluation of the MAZI pilots (version 2). European Commission.


This deliverable is the second of three reporting on the comparative evaluation of MAZI pilots (Deliverable 3.9).

To date, the MAZI pilots have experimented with using various interventions for engaging their publics with DIY networking and the use of the MAZI toolkit. This has involved the interdisciplinary working of research and community partners who have made a sterling effort to find effective ways of engaging publics in meaningful ways.

In this deliverable (D3.9) we define our analysis methodology. This builds on the logic set out in the previous version (Deliverable 3.8, delivered M14). A participatory action research approach helps ensure we recognise and value the impact of factors such as staggered timelines, diverse contexts and the rich variety of academic disciplines and practitioner fields. We provide an account of the analysis methodology, provide some examples of its use for evaluating the pilots’ design methodology.

Completion of the analysis will be carried out in stages and then presented in version 3 (Deliverable 3.10). Further analysis across the studies will explore correlations between design choices and objectives to draw out a set of candidate best practices for inclusion in the MAZI DIY toolkit.

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