Residual stresses induced by cross-rolling

Wierzbanowski, K.; Wronski, S.; Baczmanski, A.; Wrobel, M.; Braham, C.; Fitzpatrick, M. and Lodini, A. (2006). Residual stresses induced by cross-rolling. Materials Science Forum, 524-525 pp. 63–68.



Deformation in rolling induces in general a strong crystallographic texture, hence an important material anisotropy. This is a reason why the cross-rolling is sometimes applied in order to symmetrize the crystallographic texture. Such an operation modifies also residual stresses. The goal of this study was to characterize residual stress and texture changes during simple and cross-rolling in polycrystalline copper and ferritic steel. The obtained results show that important modification of the first order residual stresses occurs during cross-rolling, while the level of the second order ones is approximately constant. Experimental results were analysed using an elastoplastic deformation model.

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