Candidate constructional volcanic edifices on Mercury

Wright, J.; Rothery, D. A.; Balme, M. R. and Conway, S. J. (2018). Candidate constructional volcanic edifices on Mercury. In: Mercury: Current and Future Science of the Innermost Planet, 1-3 May 2018, Columbia, Maryland, USA.



[Introduction] Studies using MESSENGER data suggest that Mercury’s crust is predominantly a product of effusive volcanism that occurred in the first billion years following the planet’s formation. Despite this planet-wide effusive volcanism, no constructional volcanic edifices, characterized by a topographic rise, have hitherto been robustly identified on Mercury, whereas constructional volcanoes are common on other planetary bodies in the solar system with volcanic histories. Here, we describe two candidate constructional volcanic edifices we have found on Mercury and discuss how these edifices may have formed.

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