The circulatory impact of dust from dust profile assimilation

Streeter, P. M.; Lewis, S. R.; Patel, M. R. and Holmes, J. A. (2018). The circulatory impact of dust from dust profile assimilation. In: Mars Science Workshop "From Mars Express to ExoMars", 27-28 Feb 2018, ESAC, Madrid, Spain.



We present results from a reanalysis of temperatures, dust columns and dust vertical profiles focussing on the assimilation, distribution and transport of dust in the martian atmosphere. The assimilation of dust vertical information in particular is a valuable technique which has been shown to be of vital importance to a successful assimilation of the martian atmosphere, with the vertical representation of the dust distribution having a critical effect on assimilation results generally.
Atmospheric dust is a key driver of the martian circulation. Dust-induced heating and cooling is a potential feedback mechanism for dust lifting, for example, and can modify the circulation to either enhance or suppress dust storm activity. Accurately representing its complex spatial and temporal distribution is therefore crucial for understanding Mars’ atmospheric dynamics and transport.

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