Baker's conjecture for functions with real zeros

Nicks, Daniel A.; Rippon, Philip J. and Stallard, Gwyneth M. (2018). Baker's conjecture for functions with real zeros. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 117(1) pp. 100–124.



Baker's conjecture states that a transcendental entire functions of order less than 1/2 has no unbounded Fatou components. It is known that, for such functions, there are no unbounded periodic Fatou components and so it remains to show that they can also have no unbounded wandering domains. Here we introduce completely new techniques to show that the conjecture holds in the case that the transcendental entire function is real with only real zeros, and we prove the much stronger result that such a function has no orbits consisting of unbounded wandering domains whenever the order is less than 1. This raises the question as to whether such wandering domains can exist for any transcendental entire function with order less than 1.

Key ingredients of our proofs are new results in classical complex analysis with wider applications. These new results concern: the winding properties of the images of certain curves proved using extremal length arguments, growth estimates for entire functions, and the distribution of the zeros of entire functions of order less than 1.

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