What do you know about your writers?

Cremin, Teresa (2017). What do you know about your writers? Teachers As Writers, Arvon Foundation.

URL: http://www.teachersaswriters.org/general/what-do-y...


As the year begins, what do you know about your young writers? Indeed, what do they know about you as a writer- anything?

Many teachers will want to add to information transferred from last year and assess their students’ writing, offering a range of activities that seek to establish a baseline, and enable tailored targets to be set. Fair enough. Such knowledge is needed. But is it enough?

I worry that these early formative assessment activities will focus predominantly on the writing skills, as currently defined by national assessment rubrics, and may not include attention to the young writers themselves: their attitudes, everyday practices and sense of themselves as writers. Merely identifying that more work on aspects of SPaG is needed will tend to frame both the year’s work and the children’s perceptions of what writing involves.

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