Non-binary Identity

Barker, Meg-John; Vincent, Ben and Twist, Jos (2018). Non-binary Identity. In: Burns, Christine ed. Trans Britain: Our Long Journey from the Shadows. Unbound, pp. 292–303.



Perhaps the most notable trans development in recent history has been the emergence of a clear and vocal non-binary movement. We (Meg-John, Ben and Jos) are all non-binary ourselves, as well as being engaged in the non-binary movement as activists, as researchers, and — in the case of Meg-John and Jos — as practising psychologists working with non-binary clients in the voluntary sector (Meg-John) and the gender identity clinic (Jos). In this chapter we introduce non-binary genders for unfamiliar readers, and chart the history of this movement from its roots in various strands of feminist, queer and trans activism, to its current place as a key branch of the wider trans movement.

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