Ethics in AIED: Who cares?

Holmes, Wayne; Bektik, Duygu; Whitelock, Denise and Woolf, Beverly (2018). Ethics in AIED: Who cares? In: 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED'18), 27-30 Jun 2018, London.



The field of AIED raises far-reaching ethical questions with important implications for students and educators. However, most AIED research, development and deployment has taken place in what is essentially a moral vacuum (for example, what happens if a child is subjected to a biased set of algorithms that impact negatively and incorrectly on their school progress?). Around the world, virtually no research has been undertaken, no guidelines have been provided, no policies have been developed, and no regulations have been enacted to address the specific ethical issues raised by the use of Artificial Intelligence in Education.

This workshop, ETHICS in AIED: Who Cares?, is proposed as a first step towards addressing this critical problem for the field. It will be an opportunity for researchers who are exploring ethical issues critical for AIED to share their research, to identify the key ethical issues, and to map out how to address the multiple challenges, towards establishing a basis for meaningful ethical reflection necessary for innovation in the field of AIED.

The workshop will be in three parts. It will begin with ETHICS in AIED: What’s the problem?, a round-table discussion introduced and led by Professor Beverly Woolf, one of the world’s most accomplished AIED researchers. This will be followed by Mapping the Landscape, in which up to six AIED conference participants will each give a five-minute ‘lightning’ presentation on ethics in AIED research. The workshop will conclude with Addressing the Challenges, a round-table discussion session in which we will agree on a core list of ethical questions/areas of necessary research for the field of AIED, and will set out to identify next steps.

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