Image Sensor

Stefanov, Konstantin and Holland, Andrew (2017). Image Sensor. Teledyne E2V (Uk) Limited, WO 2017/191475 A1.



An image sensor of the type for providing charge multiplication by impact ionisation has plurality of multiplication elements. Each element is arranged to receive charge from photosensitive elements of an image area and each element comprises a sequence of electrodes to move charge along a transport path. Each of the electrodes has an edge defining a boundary with a first electrode, a maximum width across the charge transport path and a leading edge that defines a boundary with a second electrode, the leading edge having one or more changes of direction so that the length of the edge is greater than the maximum width of the charge multiplication electrode across the charge transport path. Various arrangements with such changes of direction are provided including a zigzag saw-tooth arrangement, a castellated arrangement and a triangular arrangement.

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