Intuitive querying of e-Health data repositories

Hallett, Catalina; Scott, Donia and Power, Richard (2005). Intuitive querying of e-Health data repositories. In: Proceedings of the UK E-Science All Hands Meeting 2005, 19-22 Sep 2005, Nottingham, UK.


At the centre of the Clinical e-Science Framework (CLEF) project is a repository of well organised, detailed clinical histories, encoded as data that will be available for use in clinical care and in-silico medical experiments. An integral part of the CLEF workbench is a tool to allow biomedical researchers and clinicians to query – in an intuitive way – the repository of patient data. This paper describes the CLEF query editing interface, which makes use of natural language generation techniques in order to alleviate some of the problems generally faced by natural language and graphical query interfaces. The query interface also incorporates an answer renderer that dynamically generates responses in both natural language text and graphics.

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