Virtual Reality in education and for employability

Minocha, Shailey and Tudor, Ana-Despina (2017). Virtual Reality in education and for employability. In: Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Online Winter Conference 2017, 12-13 Dec 2017, Online [webinar].


Virtual reality is becoming pervasive in several domains - in arts and film-making, for environmental causes, in medical education, in disaster management training, in sports broadcasting, in entertainment, and in supporting patients with dementia. An awareness of virtual reality technology and its integration in curriculum design will provide and enhance employability skills for current and future workplaces.

In this webinar, we will describe the evolution of virtual reality technologies and our research in 3D virtual worlds, 3D virtual environments developed in Unity 3D, and mobile virtual reality via 360-degree photospheres (e.g. as in the Google Expeditions app) and 360-degree videos. We will discuss the technological and pedagogical affordances of virtual reality technologies and how they contribute towards learning and teaching. We will discuss the significance of using virtual reality in education, in training and skills development, and for employability.

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