Scholarship in the information age: representing identity, accessing information

Dowson, Nicola (2017). Scholarship in the information age: representing identity, accessing information. In: Kucirkova, Natalia and Quinlan, Oliver eds. The Digitally Agile Researcher. London: Open University Press, pp. 70–79.


The mainstreaming of the Internet in the late 1990s offered the potential to increase the visibility, discoverability and accessibility of research outputs both within and outside of academia. Over the last two decades there has been a shift by publishers and researchers to provide resources online that can be accessed asynchronously from anywhere with an Internet connection.
In the first half of this chapter I give an overview of developments and tools that enable researchers to represent their research online and build their online research profile.
The second half of the chapter gives a brief overview of digital and information literacy skills required by 21st century researchers and the current information landscape. I then outline tools and techniques that can assist researchers in navigating the plethora of online resources that are now available and potentially save time in locating information. This chapter also includes advice on how to evaluate information and provides an overview of tools that can help with the effective management of your search results.

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