Hyper Suprime-Camera Survey of the Akari NEP Wide Field

Goto, Tomotsugu; Toba, Yoshiki; Utsumi, Yousuke; Oi, Nagisa; Takagi, Toshinobu; Malkan, Matt; Ohayma, Youichi; Murata, Kazumi; Price, Paul; Karouzos, Marios; Matsuhara, Hideo; Nakagawa, Takao; Wada, Takehido; Serjeant, Steve; Burgarella, Denis; Buat, Veronique; Takada, Masahiro; Miyazaki, Satoshi; Oguri, Masamune; Miyaji, Takamitsu; Oyabu, Shinki; White, Glenn; Takeuchi, Tsutomu; Inami, Hanae; Perason, Chris; Malek, Katarzyna; Marchetti, Lucia; HyungMoK, Lee; Im, Myung; Kim, Seong Jin; Koptelova, Ekaterina; Chao, Dani; Wu, Yi-Han; AKARI NEP Survey Team and AKARI All Sky Survey Team (2017). Hyper Suprime-Camera Survey of the Akari NEP Wide Field. Publications of The Korean Astronomical Society, 32(1) pp. 225–230.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5303/PKAS.2017.32.1.225


The extragalactic background suggests half the energy generated by stars was reprocessed into the infrared (IR) by dust. At z ∼1.3, 90% of star formation is obscured by dust. To fully understand the cosmic star formation history, it is critical to investigate infrared emission. AKARI has made deep mid-IR observation using its continuous 9-band filters in the NEP field (5.4 deg2), using ∼10% of the entire pointed observations available throughout its lifetime. However, there remain 11,000 AKARI infrared sources undetected with the previous CFHT/Megacam imaging (r ∼25.9ABmag). Redshift and IR luminosity of these sources are unknown. These sources may contribute significantly to the cosmic star-formation rate density (CSFRD). For example, if they all lie at 1 < z < 2, the CSFRD will be twice as high at the epoch. We are carrying out deep imaging of the NEP field in 5 broad bands (g, r, i, z, and y) using Hyper Suprime-Camera (HSC), which has 1.5 deg field of view in diameter on Subaru 8m telescope. This will provide photometric redshift information, and thereby IR luminosity for the previously-undetected 11,000 faint AKARI IR sources. Combined with AKARI's mid-IR AGN/SF diagnosis, and accurate mid-IR luminosity measurement, this will allow a complete census of cosmic star-formation/AGN accretion history obscured by dust.

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