Summarisation and visualisation of e-Health data repositories

Hallett, Catalina; Power, Richard and Scott, Donia (2006). Summarisation and visualisation of e-Health data repositories. In: UK E-Science All-Hands Meeting, 18-21 Sep 2006, Nottingham, UK.


At the centre of the Clinical e-Science Framework (CLEF) project is a repository of well organised, detailed clinical histories, encoded as data that will be available for use in clinical care and in-silico medical experiments. We describe a system that we have developed as part of the CLEF project, to perform the task of generating a diverse range of textual and graphical summaries of a patient’s clinical history from a data-encoded model, a chronicle, representing the record of the patient’s medical history. Although the focus of our current work is on cancer patients, the approach we describe is generalisable to a wide range of medical areas.

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