Peer​ ​Learning​ ​And​ ​Assessment-in-Context​ ​With​ ​3D​ ​Immersive​ ​Glasses

Okada, Alexandra; Rocha, Ana Karine; Whitelock, Denise; Furchter, Simone and Zucchi, Sangar (2017). Peer​ ​Learning​ ​And​ ​Assessment-in-Context​ ​With​ ​3D​ ​Immersive​ ​Glasses. In: 7th European Immersive Education Summit (EiED 2017), 16-19 Nov 2017, Lucca and Pisa, Italy.


This exploratory study examines peer-learning and assessment-in-context with the 3D Virtual Reality Glasses (3DVRG), the “virtual classroom” app about the famous Bletchley Park Museum and the TeSLA e-authentication system. Participants were peer students in the UK and Brazil.

The research questions focus on the types of interactions with 3DRVG that enhances peer learning and recommendations for pedagogical activities, assessment with e-authentication and creation of 360 VR apps.

Through a small qualitative study, the results of this pilot revealed possibilities for teaching staff to elaborate pedagogical activities and for technologists to create useful and engaging resources.

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