Blueprint for fault-tolerant quantum computation with Rydberg atoms

Auger, James M.; Bergamini, Silvia and Browne, Dan E. (2017). Blueprint for fault-tolerant quantum computation with Rydberg atoms. Physical Review A, 96(5), article no. 052320.



We present a blueprint for building a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer with Rydberg atoms. Our scheme, which is based on the surface code, uses individually addressable, optically trapped atoms as qubits and exploits electromagnetically induced transparency to perform the multiqubit gates required for error correction and computation. We discuss the advantages and challenges of using Rydberg atoms to build such a quantum computer, and we perform error correction simulations to obtain an error threshold for our scheme. Our findings suggest that Rydberg atoms are a promising candidate for quantum computation, but gate fidelities need to improve before fault-tolerant universal quantum computation can be achieved.

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