Mapping muck: stakeholders' views on organic waste

Lane, Andy; Slater, Rachel and Oreszczyn, Sue (2017). Mapping muck: stakeholders' views on organic waste. In: Oreszczyn, Sue and Lane, Andy eds. Mapping environmental sustainability: reflecting on systemic practices for participatory research. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 129–154.



[Editors’ introduction]

In this chapter the authors explore stakeholders’ understanding of what to do with organic waste within the United Kingdom. They discuss two projects that were both commissioned and funded under the same Government research programme specifically to support policy making. Although looking at the same broad environmental sustainability issue of how to treat organic waste as a resource to be exploited rather than a waste product to be disposed of, the two projects use mapping and involve participants in different ways. Both projects also highlight how the use of quantitative survey data is informed by, and in turn informs, the use of diagrams within the overall methodology. The authors also look at these projects through the different ways diagrams can be used that were discussed in Chapter Two.

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