View from Moscow

Cooke, Catherine (2003). View from Moscow. Architectural Review, 213(1274) pp. 36–37.



As capitalism gains a foothold in Russia, Moscow has become an architectural boomtown. Stalin opened up the city's ancient fabric with six-lane highways, and the 80-year absence of a land market has left central areas of charming low-rise Classicism highly vulnerable. With the return of capitalism, very big money, both from Russia and abroad, is eager to exploit them to a degree in keeping with the “global city” aspirations of Mayor Luzhkov and his planners. From its historic center out to the wooded margin, the city is awash with new buildings and more are rising constantly in any available space. Techniques have undergone a much-needed diversification and finishing skills have been revived to produce a healthy foundation for the next and perhaps more mature stage. The writer goes on to discuss some developments in the city in detail.

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