Co-working communities: Sustainability citizenship at work

Butcher, Tim (2016). Co-working communities: Sustainability citizenship at work. In: Horne, Ralph; Fien, John; Beza, Beau B. and Nelson, Anitra eds. Sustainability Citizenship in Cities: Theory and practice. Advances in Urban Sustainability. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 93–103.



The aim of this chapter is to explore coworking as an alternative form of citizen-based organisation in shared member-based spaces, which enable peer-to-peer interactions that engender camaraderie and a collective sense of achievement that enhances individual sociality and productivity as a form of socially and economically sustainable work. Hence, I focus this chapter on the spaces of organisation and their cultures of sustainability. Under this broad definition, coworking takes various spatial forms, from ad hoc meet-ups at cafés to low-rent shared office and maker spaces to high-fee architecturally designed workspaces.

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