The SuperWASP catalogue of 4963 RR Lyr stars: identification of 983 Blazhko candidates

Greer, P. A.; Payne, S. G.; Norton, A.J.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Smalley, B.; West, R.G.; Weatley, P. J. and Kolb, U. C. (2017). The SuperWASP catalogue of 4963 RR Lyr stars: identification of 983 Blazhko candidates. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 607, article no. A11.



Aims. We set out to compile a catalogue of RRab pulsating variables in the SuperWASP archive and identify candidate Blazhko effect objects within this catalogue. We analysed their light curves and power spectra for correlations in their common characteristics to further our understanding of the phenomenon.

Methods. Pulsation periods were found for each SWASP RRab object using PDM techniques. Low frequency periodic signals detected in the CLEAN power spectra of RRab stars were matched with modulation sidebands and combined with pairs of sidebands to produce a list of candidate Blazhko periods. A novel technique was used in an attempt to identify Blazhko effect stars by comparing scatter at different parts of the folded light curve. Pulsation amplitudes were calculated based on phase folded light curves.

Results. The SuperWASP RRab catalogue consists of 4963 objects of which 3397 are previously unknown. We discovered 983 distinct candidates for Blazhko effect objects, 613 of these being previously unknown in the literature as RR Lyrae stars, and 894 are previously unknown to be Blazhko effect stars. Correlations were investigated between the scatter of points on the light curve, the periods and amplitudes of the objects’ pulsations, and those of the Blazhko effect.

Conclusions. A statistical analysis has been performed on a large population of Blazhko effect stars from the wide-field SuperWASP survey. No correlations were found between the Blazhko period and other parameters including the Blazhko amplitude, although we confirmed a lower rate of occurrence of the Blazhko effect in long pulsation period objects.

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