A landscape of repair

Dewberry, E. L.; Saca, L.; Moreno, M.; Sheldrick, L.; Sinclair, M.; Makatsoris, C. and Charter, M. (2016). A landscape of repair. In: Proceedings of the Sustainable Innovation 2016. Circular Economy Innovation and Design., Towards Sustainable Product Design, The Centre for Sustainable Design, University of the Creative Arts, Epsom, Surrey, UK, pp. 76–85.

URL: http://www.cfsd.org.uk/events/sustainable-innovati...


This paper reports on EPSRC-funded research that explores the role of repair in creating new models of sustainable business. In the lifecycle stage of repair we explore what 'broken' means and uncover the nature of local and dispersed repair activities. This in turn allows us to better understand how the relationship between products and people can help shape new modes of consumption. Therefore, narratives of repair are collected to identify diverse people-product interactions and illustrate the different characteristics of, and motivations for, repair.

The paper proposes that mapping the different product-people interactions across the product lifecycle, particularly at the stage of fragile-functionality (performance or function failure, emotional disengagement, superseded technology) is important in understanding the potential for enduring products and their repair. Building a landscape of repair creates new opportunities for manufacture and for slowing resource loops across product lifetimes, which together provide a framework for a sufficiency-based model of production and consumption.

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