A Linked Open Data Approach for Sentiment Lexicon Adaptation

Saif, Hassan; Fernández, Miriam; Kastler, Leon and Alani, Harith (2016). A Linked Open Data Approach for Sentiment Lexicon Adaptation. In: The 4th International Workshop on Linked Data for Information Extraction, ISWC Conference, 18 Oct 2016.


Social media platforms have recently become a gold mine for organisations to monitor their reputation by extracting and analysing the sentiment of the posts generated about them, their markets, and competitors. Among the approaches to analyse sentiment from social media, approaches based on sentiment lexicons (sets of words with associated sentiment scores) have gained popularity since they do not rely on training data, as opposed to Machine Learning approaches. However, sentiment lexicons consider a static sentiment score for each word without taking into consideration the different contexts in which the word is used (e.g, great problem vs. great smile). Additionally, new words constantly emerge from dynamic and rapidly changing social media environments that may not be covered by the lexicons. In this paper we propose a lexicon adaptation approach that makes use of semantic relations extracted from DBpedia to better understand the various contextual scenarios in which words are used. We evaluate our approach on three different Twitter datasets and show that using semantic information to adapt the lexicon improves sentiment computation by 3.7% in average accuracy, and by 2.6% in average F1 measure.

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