Passageways of practice: punching through domain boundaries

Chamberlain, Liz (2016). Passageways of practice: punching through domain boundaries. In: LRA Conference: Mobilising Literacy Research for Social Transformation, 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2016, Nashville, Tennessee.


This paper presents research, which focuses on the writing practices of children aged nine and ten years old and how these practices may travel between the domains of home and school. In particular, it draws attention to the study’s metaphor of children as active and experienced travellers with personal backpacks of writing practices and skills. The research is framed within a sociocultural framework, perspective underpinned by Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) ecological systems theory. A new concept of passageways of practice is introduced, one that allows for the free movement of travel in both directions across home and school and where practices punch through perceived domain boundaries. The findings are of significance to practitioners and policymakers, as they offer a starting point for discussion for teachers to not only explore but to build on these domain crossing points, leading to new and shared conceptualisations of writing in English classrooms. In so doing, the study aims to contribute to broader debates about the role of writing in the lives of 21st-century children.

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